Keys to Forgiveness

Feeling like the anger and bitterness towards someone who has done you wrong is eating away at you?

Feeling so undervalued, disrespected and unappreciated?

Anger is so time consuming and energy zapping.  Your body is in pain, your muscles spasm, your head hurts, you either over eat, or can’t eat, can’t sleep or even function like a rational human being.

Sometimes/often you may let that anger and hurt out and you sound and behave like a raging monster being unleashed from within.

You’ve got good reason to be feeling so terrible at times.  You are not who you want to be.  You are not being the person that makes you feel good inside.  Your power is being handed over to the other person.

Read on to master the keys to letting go of the hurt and being true to your happiness.  Letting go will alleviate the anxiety that builds inside, will relieve those feelings of hurt and frustration.

🗝 KEY 1
Your well aware of the importance of letting go and moving on.  And knowing the reason you are suffering is because of the attachment is the first key to your overall peace and success here.

You’ve heard the saying energy goes, where energy is put.  So focusing on stress, anger, negatives – that’s what you’ll get.  So you know what’s next – if you are focusing on being positive and love, everything that is good (because let’s face it there is always good) will bring you positive, happy & good feelings.

You cannot focus on a problem and find a solution – but focusing on the solution will find a solution, or many in fact.

🗝 KEY 2
Resentment is such a heavy weight to carry.  What would you prefer to carry?  Imagine yourself being like water, dissolving the resentment like crystals, or floating it away.  Manipulate that resentment, play with it like a balloon – allowing it to float away or pop it with a pin.

🗝 KEY 3
Embrace curiosity over shame.  Be curious about your behavior, feelings.  Be curious about how you want to feel, think, behave.

Often what we see in others is a reflection of ourselves.  That does not mean that we are like them or have the same behaviour as them – it just means if something irks
you about them there is something inside of you that needs attention (by you).  So stop blaming others and focus on understanding yourself.

You always do the best you can, with the skills you have at the time.  So then if your best is not good enough at that time, your skills need to change.  More on that later.

🗝 KEY 4
More importantly though – everyone only ever operates to the best of their ability, with the skills THEY have at the time.  When you think about that – this means those who have hurt or caused you pain, sadly really don’t know any different – WOW when you really give thought to that, THAT IS REALLY SAD FOR THEM, that they don’t know any different, they don’t know how to behave any different, they don’t know how to think any different.  Wow how unfortunate for them.  With empathy behind you – you know have more skill to be able to

Stop being like them with these limiting skills, limiting behaviours, limiting beliefs.  More importantly stop imposing your own values and beliefs onto others.  If you are feeling like you are not being heard, or being disrespected, maybe stop and and see if you are having the need to tell people what to do.

🗝 KEY 5
Lastly stop looking for reasons to be unhappy, hurt, disrespected, annoyed with how you are being treated.  Just stop looking.  What I mean by this is we can tend start to see things that maybe aren’t fully there, but we can start to see them and then wow there is that energy again.  Start seeing the love for you, the love for others, really open those eyes and start looking.  You will be amazed at what you find. ❤