Choose Who You Become!

When things happen to you, you may start to believe you’re not worth anything more than what’s happening to you.

That you don’t deserve any better!
That you’re not worth anything!
That life is unfair!
That people are against you!
That it always happens to you!
That bad stuff always happens!

Although this may be real for you, may be true for you.
Believing any of this WILL NOT help you.
Believing any of this WILL make you unhappy.
Believing any of this WILL make you a Victim.

What If you where to challenge those beliefs and start to believe something different?

What If you started to take your power back – that power over your mind – and then the power over your feelings?

Just Imagine how nice it could be to believe something different.

Although it’s not as simple as this, it’s certainly a start in the right direction. And let’s face it, it’s better than what you originally believed.

Once you start your mind goes searching for more to clarify and confirm – looking for more to confirm the new belief!

It’s like learning the ABC all over again.

A = Activating Event
B = Belief
C = Consequence

A = Someone speaks rudely to you OR Someone speaks rudely to you
B = They don’t like you OR They’re having a bad day, maybe life at home is not good
C = You feel disliked/attacked OR It’s not actually about you

So if all else fails – just remember your ABC.