7 Steps to Making Achievable Goals

As we approach the end of the year, most of us stop and reflect on the past 12 months and then we turn our thoughts to the future.

We think about our dreams and aspirations but often we don’t go any further. We just plod along as we have done over the years, hoping that ‘something’ will happen to make our lives more enjoyable, more fulfilling.

What if you could do the one thing that would change all this and set you up for success and happiness.

Now is the time to take those dreams and aspirations and turn them into reality. But often it is not that easy. Most people need assistance to guide them through the many issues in their lives so that they achieve their goals.

Don’t leave it another minute, make you matter the most.

7 Steps to Making Achievable Goals

1. Dream

2. Focus

3. Visualise

4. Be Specific

5. Action Plan

6. Commit

7. Enlist the support of your Coach

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Why the BLACK Swan?

I’ve always had a connection with the Black Swan ever since I was little, growing up in Western Australia and being a lover of dance.  For me the Black Swan represents beauty, grace, strength, freedom, peace and love.

So imagine my pleasure when researching the meaning and theory of the Black Swan.

The Black Swan theory is a metaphor that describes an event that comes as a surprise, has a major impact to our lives, and is rationalised after the fact with the benefit of hindsight.

The Black Swan symbolises loyalty, strength, artistry, grace and beauty.  Invoking happiness in yourself and others.  The joy and freedom in serving another.  The Black Swan represents the healing powers of love and romance.

The Black Swan represents miracles and a great capacity to open us up to healing properties of love and in turn happiness, being aware that the only person who can give happiness to you is YOU.  The Black Swan signifies an insight about yourself which changes your position from one of victim to victor.  Remember – these guys have no natural predators, so you are safe!