This is the reason you are struggling emotionally and feeling undervalued…And the feelings of anxiety and stress are coming up, making you feel horrible.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful, if we lived our lives, full of passion and purpose? To wake each day, feeling happy and alive! Excited and motivated to live the day with the greatest capacity?

Wouldn’t it be completely fulfilling, to work and play in line with what you truly value?

Creating passion and purpose in our lives can be absolutely achievable, when we become really aware of our personal values.

What is it specifically, that you value? Is it Family? Career – change and variety, meaningful work, achievement? Creativity and Fun? Health and Fitness? Work/Life Balance? Something else? Becoming clear about what you really value is the first step toward achieving a fulfilling life and getting rid of the anxiety that builds up in side or worse hits you all of a sudden. When you start making daily choices around how you spend your time based on what you really value – your whole being is aligned and working at its optimum. Are you spending too much time doing things that you don’t value at all or worse still, make you feel undervalued? Are you spending enough time, if any, doing the things that you do value and that does make you feel valued? Shifting what you do – so you spend more time doing the things you value – creates fulfilling, happy days … creates passion and purpose around your daily lives and helps eliminate the anxiety that builds up inside subconsciously.

Where do you see yourself in time to come? Say at the end of the year, in 2 year’s time, in 5 year’s time? What do you want? Having a clear vision around what you want for yourself, in your life, creates an open door to begin walking through. Is your vision in line with your true values? Knowing where you want to go is the first step towards realizing it. When you know what you want, you can then start to align your daily actions toward achieving your vision. Are you spending your days doing activities that are not in line with your vision? Are you doing and being what and who you need, to live in line with what you want? Truly living in line with your values?

So, having a clear vision of what you want and knowing what you value in life are amazing skills to hold, so that on a daily basis, you can act in line with these. Understanding and knowing these will help you create passion and purpose in your life.

BUT most importantly it will help eliminate the anxiety and stress that is consuming your mind and body. That’s got to be worth it! More to the point YOU’VE got to be WORTH IT.

So, who do you need to be, to do what you need to do, to have passion and purpose in your life?

Life Fulfilment Coaching & Hypnotherapy have a 4 step program which eliminates Stress, Anxiety & Fear and supports you to recognize your values and live life true to your values.