Forgiveness – A Gift for You

I’m not talking forget or condone the person’s behaviour.

We often think of forgiveness as a kind and compassionate act towards someone who wronged us.  Although this can be true.  The best part about forgiveness is the health benefits physically and mentally for you.

Forgiveness plays a major part in your happiness and can aid in improving depression and anxiety.

Forgiveness can lower your stress by reducing your heart rate and generally supporting a healthier you.

When you hold onto the hurt feelings and remember the pain, your insides are festering and it will make you sick at some point.

So I’m talking about forgiveness from a different view.  I’m talking about forgiving yourself for not being in a position to do different, to be able to stop that person’s behaviour, to stop that person from hurting you, to stop that person for not being good to you.  Dealing with what has happened to you may require more support – support is out there, please ask.

What if a way to start healing the hurt was to work on forgiveness?

I’m talking about moving yourself through the pain, working with the power you have.  Only you can heal the pain.

How is it that even an apology from the person may feel insincere?  How is it that it really doesn’t matter what the person where to do – it is totally up to you as to what you do with their behaviour, words, whatever is is that they may offer up OR NOT.

View forgiveness as something for you, not a gift to someone else, but a gift to yourself.  When your fears to forgive come up, recognise these fears (further information can be found on Facebook: @lifefulfilmentcoachingandhypnotherapy).

You are worth it  ♥   You are worth this Gift  ♥ Give it to yourself  ♥

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