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The session with you changed my life. I thank you so much and there is no word to decribe my appreciation of your guidance.
Thank you❤
“Through specific and extremely clever questioning techniques Debra has been the catalyst of my own self discovery and many insights; shaping me in the focussed, driven, passionate woman I know lives inside of me. Her manner is warm, gentle, compassionate and at the same time direct, dissective and professional. Debra continues to guide me and I now know all my dreams are 100% attainable.
When I began my coaching relationship with Debra, I achieved my first goal in two sessions! Attempting my first goal was extremely difficult for me prior to Debra’s coaching. I had been trying to achieve this particular goal for many years. Since achieving my first goal with Debra it has really given me the shift I needed to obtain the “C’mon!!!” attitude. I couldn’t have done it without her. Looking forward to reaching great heights and all my goals with Debra.”
Rose Panza, Fashion Designer/Pattern-maker
“When I first started my coaching program with Life Fulfilment Coaching, I was looking for a way to be kept accountable for my goals. I was busy setting up a tutoring business and I was finding I kept putting off things and letting other things distract me from what I really needed to be doing. So Debra and I set up a weekly planning and feedback program to keep me accountable to my goals and to keep my business setup progressing.
This worked very well but my coaching program with Debra has become much more than that and with many more benefits than that. Benefits such as:
• Debra has provided wonderful support and encouragement for me and what Aussie Kids Coach stands for
• Debra has assisted me to re evaluate my values and beliefs so that they align with my goals and aspirations
• Debra has helped me to formulate goals which grow my business and she has taught me the value of rewarding myself when I achieve a goal
• Debra is skilled at asking just the right question to challenge my thinking and help me to understand myself and my problems better
• Debra has provided valuable feedback on a whole range of business issues that have come up for me
• Debra has gone beyond the call of duty for me many times but at all times she has conducted my coaching sessions in a professional manner and in a way that optimises the coaching benefits to me.”
Ian Davies, Author – Dynamic Teaching Tools, Owner – Aussie Kids Coach
“Having met Debra has changed my life. I have been involved in Coaching and Counselling in various forms as I felt something was missing. I was not desperately unhappy, but something felt wrong.
With the one-on-one quality time together, Debra’s confidence, coaching and professionalism helped me realise I was so focused on money and stability that I was ignoring the other side of my life, my heart, hope and passion.
Debra provided me with a safe place and support to explore my values and develop a life purpose statement. The outcome, from several sessions was for me to take back control of my life and realise what I was prepared to risk to the live the life I wanted.
So many changes have happened since we started and Debra has been there as a solid guidance through times of self-doubt and loss of direction. Debra does not provide me with the answers, but she does provide me with the gentle push I need to stay on track and remain focused.
I am now living the life I want and will continue to grow as the year’s progress. It is so liberating to make decisions based on your heart and head being aligned, vs focusing on just one.
I really cannot recommend Debra enough in a short paragraph; what a great listener and coach and such a big heart of gold.”
“A friend of mine put me in touch with Debra Woods, as I was looking to improve my working & personal situation. While not expecting to be spoon fed the answers & solutions to my situation – after all, the answers can only come from within – I now feel more confident & prepared to deal with all manner of life’s circumstances as they occur.
Debra is most welcoming & being such a great communicator, made me feel completely at ease. Through her motivation, I was able to look within & positively challenge myself so that I was empowered to take the required risk(s) involved to go out & search for what I truly wish in life.”
Tony Perry
“I found Debra’s approach and style to be extremely professional and refreshing. Debra is a passionate, energetic and intuitive woman who goes that extra Mile to offer great service with a smile. My goal was to improve my work-life balance and in working with Debra I am pleased with the way that she gently challenged and provoked me to expand my goals into other aspects of my life including health, my working environment and business goals.”
Pamela Frost – Business Owner