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Debra Zabenko

Welcome to Life Fulfilment Coaching & Hypnotherapy. Firstly, I feel very privileged that you have found me. Everyone has a story/journey/history/past (whatever you like to call it). I won’t share all of mine here, but you know where to find me if you are interested in the rest. My past experiences lead me to initially Coaching & now Hypnotherapy (although I also work with NLP & EFT). I knew I needed more skills to survive and now I am so extremely blessed to be working with awesome people (like you) that not only inspire me, but teach me more and more everyday..

My life was wonderful, I had two beautiful children, a relationship, lovely house with all you could ask for in it, I had a great job – I also had major anxiety. So you could say I had everything but my health.

My Anxiety and ill-mental health came about through the various experiences and the way I made those experiences mean for me, the worthlessness that meant about me. I had a history of mental, physical & emotional abuse. A history of choosing not very good relationships.

Then here I am a Mum, I am meant to have it all sorted, I am meant to protect these little babies and know exactly what is right for them. I was meant to do that in a loving supported relationship. I was meant to be a superwoman.

Everyone from the outside looking in thought I had it all, and boy did I ever. I had such pain and suffering from within it was too hard to live with (or so I thought). I had that much pain it was debilitating; I couldn’t function AT ANY LEVEL. I needed help, but who do you ask, everyone around me just thought I was being selfish, demanding, post-natal (you’ll get over it – lots of women have it). Just pick yourself up and put on a happy face, act as if you are ok. You’re a mum for goodness sake, mature, wise, capable of everything. It’s not even about you now, it’s about everyone else, your babies, your family, your husband, your work.

STOP – I knew I could not go on like this (I tried to end it there). But thank goodness “The determination that crazy enough I had to get sick, was the same determination I used to get better”. I had to find other ways of living, new skills to not only survive, but thrive.

And now here I am today!

I am so passionate about supporting people to live the life they deserve NOT the one they think they have to, the only one they are worth. You don’t have to suffer in silence or out loud even, you don’t have to suffer.

You are worth it! – Something I say to myself everyday.

“Life Rewards Action” My Life Motto

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If you are still here, thank you for listening and I would love the opportunity to listen to you – because YOU ARE WORTH IT!