High Functioning Anxiety – (Hidden behind a SMILE)

Life is all about being successful right?  Everybody has to be seen to be managing!  Only the strong survive!  To ask for help shows a sign of weakness.

High functioning women, holding down a good successful job, being a Mum to their children and all that comes with that (do not get me started).  And if you are lucky enough to be sharing the load with a partner you are a lover and partner too! Yes, you have to keep going, right? Who else is going to pick up the pieces?

What if that driving factor that plays out as motivation is in fact anxiety being disguised.  What if that anxiety is creating such an unhealthy inner-self!

What has to happen for you to take a breath and focus on looking after YOU!

A lot of people think they have to just live with Anxiety and manage, but I don’t see why you do.  We can ELIMINATE it!

Do you have High Functioning Anxiety?

You can look quite successful, turn up early to places, be a YES person, and get a lot done.  High Functioning Anxiety means you look like you’re getting through the day with no problems at all, others may think you always look well dressed and organised and your social calendar always seems full.

What the outside world may not know is that beneath the surface your inner-self is fighting that constant stirring, agitating feeling of anxiety.  You know the feelings of nervousness, fear of disappointing others, fear of failing, fear of not looking like you have it all sorted, of not being that picture of success (because you have it all – right!)

 Where do we go with this now that we know?

  • What are some of your thought patterns that play out like that same movie in your head?
  • What if you were to just mix up the lines a little, and replace some of those lines with ones that support you?
  • Hey, you could even replace some of the characters in your movie!
  • Remember what you already know, and actively build these into your lifestyle
    “YOUR LIFE”   Breathe – Sleep – Water – Healthy Foods!
  • Lastly and most importantly – I wonder if there are any reasons you would want to hold onto this anxiety???

High Functioning Anxiety can be a double-edged sword.
Whilst you fear letting go of what fuels you, it also can be your undoing.

You don’t need to be secretly anxious to succeed.


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